Velas Beach – near Harihareshwar – A Remote Home for Turtles

 “Turtles may not be the fastest or strongest or smartest animals , But that doesn’t stop them from being totally awesome”. Velas is a small ecofriendly village in Ratnagiri district around 24 km from Harihareshwar which provides remote home to the Olive Ridley turtle. Maharashtra is blessed with 720 kms long coastline shared with Konkan, Ratnagiri... Continue Reading →

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Global Vipassana Pagoda – An art of Meditation

Haven’t you heard - “It is better to see sometimes once then to hear about it a thousand times “, that’s what exactly I did when I felt obsessed hearing of Pagoda. I happened to visit this place recently with family on a lull from daily life. A beautiful dome shaped Stupa (Medication Hall) constructed... Continue Reading →

Tarkarli – A Dive in Malvan

            Tarkarli is a small narrow stretched beach on west coastline of India, situated at the base of the Arabian Sea and River Karli about 7km from Malvan. It is declared as best beach of Maharashtra by Indian tourism. TRAVELOUGE: “Life stages: crawl, walk and Dive“ and it was time to dive - Tarkarli was... Continue Reading →

Dwaraka – A place of Salvation

Dwaraka , also known as Kashthuli in olden days is a city located in the western ghats of Saurashtra Peninsula ,on the banks of Gomti River. It’s a hub for both spiritual enthusiasts and excitement, Land of temples and stories of great legend Krishna. Dwarka, is one of the foremost Chardhams and one of the... Continue Reading →

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